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2DO is a platform where every specialist can find a project or an order that is convenient for him/her. We are creating a link between professionals and those who are looking for such professionals in real time.


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About 2Do - Platform

People are always looking for specialists. In our reality it is difficult and sometimes impossible to find them when it is that necessary moment. Most applications and online platforms are for limited professions and consequently for limited specialists, where you can only find freelancers.

So you cannot find for example designers, lawyers, finance specialists, builders, linguists, bank specialists, car repairers, doctors, DJs, marketers, nannies, photographers, sanitary ware specialists, SMM specialists, drivers and so on under one platform. Here comes 2do to consolidate all real specialists, to ease the process of finding almost all kinds of specialists and getting in contact with them. In our platform people can send and receive jobs/orders/tasks by professional fields.

Just find your issue specialist send him/her request and get your best offer and job done. If you are not confident about your specialist choice and/or project price you can always announce a competition in corresponding field to be sure that you receive best quality, price combination, after, don’t forget to rate your specialist, because it is your rate that will make him appear in our launch/best specialist screen!!! So by using our application not only customers benefit but also different types of young and experienced specialists who can find and receive projects, try to become well known in their fields, get customers jobs done and finally earn money.

We also have Room and Skillshare fields in our platform which are correspondingly used for implementation of professional discussions, Solution of Various Problems and Exchange of professional experience/trainings, skillshare.

Finally if you don’t have enough time to find necessary specialist or just don’t know whom to look for to solve your issue just look for 2do icon in application and apply to our admin who will organize everything to find specialist and solve your issue.

2do is a platform where every specialist can find a project that is convenient for him/her and consequently every employer can find a specialist for whom was looking for!!!

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